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new orders!!!

ok so this goes out to all of you navy wives and significant others out there... my hubby just got his new orders to norfolk and we also found out that in october he will be leaving for a 7 month cruise!!! now we have been in the navy for a little over two years but he has been in nuke school for those two years, so this is our first cruise. so i guess i am asking what do you suggest....i am planning on going home for those 7 months with my daughter and our puppy so, should we even get a place or should we wait? than what happens with BAH, do we get that wherever i am or not at all if we dont get a place? do some people offer a discount rate if you are not living there for a period of time? and so on...we are overwhelmed with this whole situation and i am probably rambling but if anyone can offer some helpful advice it would be greatly appreciated!!!! sigh...here we go moving once again but this time the navy is moving us!! no more diddy moves for this chick!! thanks oodles girls!!!

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